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August, 2008

Dr. Servan-Schreiber’s Blog Posts & Research Based Insight:

Social isolation & breast cancer

February, 2010Let’s support British doctors in their fight against trans fats

January, 2010Acupuncture is twice as effective in reducing the side-effects of some treatments.

January, 2010Turmeric & black pepper fight cancer stem cells

December, 2009Minimal physical activity can be great for your health

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November, 2009Protection from viral infections

November, 2009Screening for prostate cancer: when is it a good idea?

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October, 2009Getting by, with a little help from our friends

October, 2009Depression and cancer: leave helplessness behind

September, 2009Cell-phones: the U.S. Congress calls attention to the precaution principle for children under 12

September, 2009They beat the statistics

September, 2009Manufacturing Happiness

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August, 2009An Intimate Conversation with David Servan-Schreiber, M.D., Ph.D. By Rachel Winters (MD Anderson Cancer Center)

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July, 2009Is there a problem with tap-water?

July, 2009Chewing for longer means you eat better

July, 2009Agave syrup is still sugar!

May, 2009When fighting cancer, the support of friends is as important as the love of close family

May, 2009Genes that are hungry for fruits, vegetables and fish

April, 2009Green tea and mushrooms: 89% less breast cancer

April, 2009Sleep protects you from cancer

April, 2009A video to help us understand the epidemic

March, 20094 x 1 = 16 Combine anticancer foods and multiply their power

March, 2009Support for Anticancer from Prof. John Mendelsohn of the MD Anderson Cancer Center

March, 2009Fight off nausea without relying on sweet drinks

March, 2009Lung cancer may be linked to some preservatives in processed foods

January, 2009Cancer can be prevented, even in people with high genetic susceptibility

January, 2009Be wary of sugar

January, 2009Don’t give in to helplessness

December, 2008Vitamin D: protection against cancer, against colds and against the winter blues?

December, 2008Avoid contact between hot liquids and plastic

December, 2008A new study proves the benefits of the ‘anti-cancer’ life-style: pass it on

November, 2008Are pesticides, sugar or corn oil carcinogenic?

November, 2008What if I’m hyper-sensitive to the caffeine in green tea?

November, 2008How can we quantify the benefits of an Anticancer diet?

November, 2008Barack Obama is elected President

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October, 2008US edition of ‘Anticancer’ is launched; our cell-phone appeal is successful

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September, 2008Mindfulness meditation boosts the immune system

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July, 2008Optimize your terrain to protect yourself from disease

July, 2008Our home Earth: the wombat video

May, 2008Creating the world we want to live in

May, 2008Preserving the benefits of ginger and other aromatic herbs and spices

April, 2008Too much hydrogenated oil increases the risk of breast cancer

April, 2008Aren’t you afraid of stimulating false hopes?

March, 2008Why I wrote “Anticancer: A New Way of Life”

March, 2008My Story

March, 2008