How to avoid excessive stimulation while preserving the precious catechins in green tea

The catechins present in green tea protect against cancer progression. However, they also contain theine/caffeine (about one-third of the quantity present in a cup of coffee). Eliminating caffeine from the body may take as long as eight hours. Thus for some hyper-sensitive individuals (including me!), consuming green tea after 3 or 4 in the afternoon may cause sleep disorders, especially difficulty in falling asleep.

It happens to be the case that when in contact with hot water, the extraction of theine and catechins (which are antioxidant and antiangiogenic) occurs at different rates. As illustrated below, if the tea is allowed to infuse for one minute, and if this first water is thrown out so that the leaves (or bag) can re-infuse in fresh hot water, 70 to 80 percent of the theine (upper curve) is eliminated, while only 10 percent of the catechins (lower curve) are lost. If the “first soak” is given four minutes, then 90 percent of the theine is eliminated, while 50 percent of the catechins remain.

You choose which infusion you prefer!

Source : ‘Le Guide de Dégustation de l'Amateur de Thé’ (A Taste Guide for Tea Connoisseurs) by Xavier Delmas and Mathias MInet - Les Editions du Chène.