Anticancro has just been published in Italy, with the logo of the Italian Anti-Cancer League on the cover. The League also organized a press conference to launch the book in the presence of its President, one of Italy’s best-known cancer specialists.

What a pleasure it has been to spend a week in Italy, sharing the message of this website and of my book, Anticancer: A New Way of Life!

Firstly, almost every meal you eat in an Italian restaurant is perfectly and effortlessly “anticancer”! Even if you choose pasta, it comes perfectly "al dente", which reduces its glycemic index and just adds to the taste. “Antipasti" are practically a prescription from the Mediterranean diet. I’ve sent you a photo of the lunch that was served to me at the terrace of a restaurant just down the road from my hotel.

Since that launch, Anticancro has become the 4th best-selling book in Italy. It’s terrific when the energy of institutional medicine links up with the drive of people who want to learn to look after their own health.